The Journal on the Art of Record Production (JARP) is an international online peer-reviewed journal promoting the interdisciplinary study of record production. The term ‘record production’ is to be interpreted in the broadest sense as the production of recorded music. JARP was founded in 2006 by Professor Simon Zagorski-Thomas and Katia Isakoff. The guest editor for the first issue was Professor Simon Frith, and for the second, Professor Albin Zak. JARP has since published a total of eleven issues.

The journal publishes peer reviewed research papers with contributions from world-renowned industry professionals and, since 2010, has been run by an editorial committee, led by commissioning editors-in-chief: Dr. Richard James Burgess (CEO, A2IM) and Katia Isakoff (Founder of WPM).

JARP also publishes the proceedings of the Art of Record Production conferences, either as a special issue or, in collaboration with the host institutions’ in-house publishers.  Since 2017, these issues have been managed by editors: Dr. Shara Rambarran (UK/EUR) and Dr. Brandon Vaccaro (USA/ROW).

A list of reviewers and rotating editorial committee members can be found here