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Dr. Richard James Burgess (CEO, A2IM) and Katia Isakoff (Founder of Women Produce Music).

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Dr. Shara Rambarran (UK/EUR) and Dr. Brandon Vaccaro (USA/ROW).

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Control, Chaos, Power, and Play: Interview with Dr Bill Bruford

One of the aims of recording popular music over the years has been to capture “lightning in a bottle.” It’s a phrase that so eloquently illustrates the paradoxical nature of reconciling control and chaos in popular-music making. Ever since “Rock ‘n’ Roll” records first hit the airwaves in the mid 1950s there has been an ongoing power struggle between those that would have popular music more controlled and those that would have it more chaotic. In fact, it’s a balance that needs to be negotiated each and every time popular musicians and technicians attempt to work together (either explicitly or tacitly – and nowhere less than in the recording studio).